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1. Which are the areas, Gazon provide Internet Lease Line service?

Gazon is Pune based ISP. Gazon serve ILL all across Pune, PCMC, all adjoin MIDCs of Pune city, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Sangli district, Kolhapur district.

2. Do Gazon serve for Nashik, Solapur, Latur, Ahemadnagar, Dhule, Jalgaon, Nagpur?

Yes. Case to case basis only

3. What is backhaul of Gazon for ILL?

We use multiple TELCOs at backhaul for redundancy purpose.

4. Whether Gazon is CLASS A OR CLASS B service provider?

Gazon is CLASS B service provider

5. What is difference between CLASS A and CLASS B service provider?

  1. For Internet Lease Line perspective there is no difference in CLASS A and CLASS B service provider
  2. CLASS B operate state wide, whereas CLASS A operate PAN India. Gazon work in Maharashtra state

6. Does Gazon provide P2P?


7. What Service Level Agreement (SLA) Gazon provide for Internet leased line?

  1. In Urban area 99.5% Uptime SLA
  2. In Rural area 98.5% Uptime SLA

8. Does Gazon support team work by 24X7?

Yes. Call center support is available for 24X7

9. How is Gazon’s Service and Support?

Gazon has 24X7 call center support, NOC support. Prompt responsive field engineers team available in all serving areas. Escalation matrix of 4 levels.

10. What is the time for resolution if link goes down?

Fiber restoration TAT is 4 Hrs

11. Does Gazon provide the managed link?


12. What is your installation time?

  1. In Urban areas, we deliver in 7 to 10 working days. In special cases, we deliver within 48 to 72 hrs, if required.
  2. In Rural areas, we deliver within 15 to 30 working days depend on area and fiber laying required.

13. What is your last mile?

We always deliver on last mile fiber connectivity.

14. Do Gazon provide RING?

Yes, We provide last mile connectivity on RING TOPOLOGY for redundancy.

15. Do Gazon provide on RF last mile?

Yes. If required.

16. What network topology Gazon has?

We have our network in Mesh Topology. We have 350 + POP in Pune region. Every POP is connected with minimum 2 fiber path. Some critical POPs are connected on 3 or 4 fiber paths too. This way we manage to maintain all possible redundancy in our core network.

17. If Gazon take backhaul bandwidth from TELCOs then why should we connect with Gazon and not directly to TELCOs?

Gazon offers all those support services which any other Telecom company offers. In addition Gazon has its own fiber network laid to provide last mile connectivity. Gazon is fast in response time compare to all corporate entities. These, entire Gazon offer in much aggressive price point.

18. Since how many years Gazon is in market?

We exist in market since last 10 years with core networking expertise. We serve enterprise customers from last 6 years.

19. Does Gazon provide their own fiber in all over Maharashtra?

Yes. Up to certain extent. Wherever not possible, Gazon engaged with last mile fiber operator, with whom we are long time associated on trustworthy relationship.

20. Do Gazon provide service out of Maharashtra?


21. What other services Gazon provide in addition to ILL?

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    About Gazon

    Gazon India is a large independent dynamic & innovative based Internet Service Provider (ISP) company with an immense experience in building converged next generation network. We are supplying & deploying advanced multi-service access solutions, guaranteeing seamless integration from traditional access networks to next generation network architecture.

    Since Inception, we have been renowned for our quality service and unmatched content. With use of most advanced technology we have managed to spread to a cluster of subscribers across Maharashtra & Goa. It is present in and is constantly expanding to cover more and more areas within the Maharashtra. Our Engineers and expertise team's, their role is to install our services at customer locations in their area and service the network of that area. We provide IP-based secure, flexible, robust & best in class enterprise solutions to corporate as well as other ISPs

    On Growth Path Since Inception

    We are the fastest growing Internet Service Provider(ISP) in Maharashtra and Goa. We are recognized leader in providing state-of-the-art digital communications, networking services, and Internet connectivity to businesses. We enable business, institutions and all types of entities to connect worldwide.

    Strong Infrastructure

    It is the very basic need of any modern network to have a strong and stable infrastructure at its “Core Network”, which will carry all the data/voice/video traffic of network smoothly.

    We at Gazon Communication have dual Huawei NE series core routers installed in our data centre. Eachof these core router has dual CPU engine which means if one of the engine fails other engine will take over in few milliseconds.

    Dedicated power generators to manage power failures

    Experienced NOC Engineers Team

    To manage and implement the core infrastructure we do have and certified NOC engineers.
    24x7 NOC Engineers availability.
    24x7 Call Centre support.
    Apart from experienced NOC team and Call centre support team, we have dedicated 24x7 monitoring team to monitor any outage in the network.
    Dedicated monitoring helps us identify any type of outage efficiently and resolve any major or minor issues in the network.
    We deploy best monitoring software tools available.
    This reduces the service downtime in the Network.

    Backhaul Connectivity

    Gazon Communication network has “Dual Backhaul Connectivity” with the data center located in Mumbai which hosts Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft and many other global Internet giants.

    Dual connectivity and high capacity links with these data center makes us deliver Internet connectivity with higher speed than other internet provider.

    Multiple upstream provider, best available routes to any destination world wide.

    Above things makes us easy to deliver best of the Latency to clients.